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How to Be an Advocate During National Infertility Awareness Week 2021

by MyEggBankPosted in GeneralApril 19th, 2021

According to the CDC, nearly one out of every eight couples will experience trouble while trying to conceive or sustain a pregnancy. Although infertility is common, much of the public discourse about this health issue is laden with domineering myths and misconceptions. In a world that is constantly being disrupted by fake news, it’s no surprise that misinformation about infertility can have an unfortunate impact on how lawmakers and companies approach fertility care issues.

Infertility affects people indiscriminately, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, religion, and sexuality. Many individuals and couples dealing with infertility find themselves without the resources, support, or community to help them. That is why National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) exists and happens every year in late April. This year, NIAW takes place April 18-24.

Since 1989, the NIAW movement has advocated for the infertility community by educating the public and lawmakers about what infertility really is as well as how it impacts people on both a national and local scale. The movement also serves as a way for people who feel isolated to connect with countless others who share their experiences.

Whether you are dealing with your own fertility journey or simply want to support people, there are several ways that you can get involved and be an advocate during NIAW.

Social Media Advocacy

Social media provides millions of people with a platform to raise awareness about infertility in order to help change the conversation. There are several social campaigns that you can take part in all week long, including the NIAW 5 Day Challenge.

  • Day 1, April 19 – Post a video, reel, or TikTok using the hashtag #LetsGetReelAboutIF to share your story about your infertility journey, whether it be about fertility care, adoption, living without children, or nontraditional family-building
  • Day 2, April 20 – Use the hashtag #IRepresentSomeoneWho to showcase what or whom you represent in the infertility community
  • Day 3, April 21 – Snap a picture of yourself wearing orange and post it using the hashtag #WearOrange to help raise awareness about infertility
  • Day 4, April 22 – Use the hashtag #WhatIWantYoutoKnow to tell others the things you wish they knew about infertility
  • Day 5, April 23 – Use the hashtag #RESOLVEStrong to show how you’re involved with infertility awareness

If you’re not ready to share your story, that’s OK! There are still ways to participate on social media during NIAW. One of the simplest things you can do to raise awareness is to post facts about infertility and modern family-building. You can also set up an NIAW fundraiser on Facebook.

Together, we can help change the conversation that surrounds infertility.