Pioneers in Reproductive Care

We founded MyEggBank with a simple mission: To help people become parents.

Early on, we recognized the clinical advantages that oocyte vitrification could bring to those who needed to conceive using a donor egg. We understood that, compared to traditional fresh donation, using vitrified donor eggs could be more convenient, clinically efficient, and less expensive for patients-with equal or greater success rates. This vision led to the establishment of MyEggBank in 2010 and thousands of live births from vitrified donor eggs.

MyEggBank is the #1 frozen donor egg bank in North America. We have helped thousands of people grow their families with our innovative technology, extensive selection of donors, and compassionate care for each family.

MyEggBank at a Glance

  • First frozen donor egg bank using vitrification technology
  • Over 4,400 live births from frozen eggs
  • Largest most diverse selection of donors
  • Over 100 affiliate clinics in network
  • Industry-leading guarantees

Our History

MyEggBank Timeline

Learn more about the benefits of conceiving with MyEggBank frozen donor eggs here.