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A New Option for Our Patients
The Fresh Egg Donor Program at MyEggBank

MyEggBank Testimonials

Our team is dedicated to helping people grow their families with innovative technology, extensive egg donor selection and compassionate care. We are honored and humbled when proud new parents share their testimonials, ratings and reviews of MyEggBank.

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"I am a single parent, and back in 2008 I was seeking to have a child as a single parent by way of a surrogate. I enrolled in the anonymous frozen egg-donor program (MyEggBank) thru RBA. I am forever grateful to the staff at RBA & especially Dr. Mitchell-Leef for making this dream of being a dad possible!"
— Anonymous
"My husband and I tried for 4 years to conceive unsuccessfully. When we found out that we only had a 5-10% to conceive using my eggs (due to my age), I was devastated. We talked to our RE about our options and he suggested Egg Donation. After much talking, thinking, and praying, we decided that the most important thing was to have a baby, no matter how we made it happen. We joked that we were going “egg shopping”. We would sit down together and read the profiles of perspective donors, searching for that perfect match. We were ecstatic when we finally found the one that felt right! We were blessed that our first transfer and pregnancy were successful. Our beautiful baby girl was born healthy and perfect in every way. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that she is 100% my baby and the one that was always meant for me!"
— Shawna
"When we first began the donor process, we were filled with so many emotions and quite overwhelmed. MyEggBank made the process of picking a donor so EASY. We picked her in less than 24 hours. We just knew she was the one from the minute we saw her and read her profile. In a process of so many unknowns, using MyEggBank from the beginning felt just right! With the help from them and our angel of a donor, we now have our beautiful miracle!"
— Erica
"I am so grateful for MyEggBank! The decision to use donor eggs was definitely right for my family. I had been on the IVF roller coaster for 8 cycles! My body was stressed and emotionally I was totally taxed! Still, I had not lost my desire for a second child. We opted for frozen eggs and produced 4 embryos! Now, I have a gorgeous, healthy, amazing baby boy! I am simply overcome with gratitude that my family is complete! Without a doubt, we made the right choice!"
— Anonymous
"We have the highest regard for the team at MyEggBank, who are continuing the daily pursuit of excellence. They have been generous in sharing their technical expertise with us, and also share our clinical sensibilities and our focus on perfection."
— John Garrisi, Ph.D. The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas
"MyEggBank’s large selection of pre-screened egg donors is wonderful for our patients- it’s really increased their choices. Since the eggs come to our clinic, patients aren’t limited to choosing a donor from the same geographic area."
— Vicki Loveland, Long Island IVF
"MyEggBank is affordable and easy to use. The online site is easy to navigate and browse the donors. I like the detailed bios on the donors—it helps to know their backgrounds, hobbies, and family."
— Anonymous
"MyEggBank had multiple donors that matched our wish list. We were able to take our time and study them and make our decision."
— Anonymous
"My husband and I were having no success with IVF and were wondering if we would have to give up our dream of having a baby. We spoke to our Australian doctor, who discussed donor eggs with us, but told us we would be better off travelling to the US to have the procedure as they are very scarce in Australia. We found a donor who we really clicked with- she looked a bit like me as a little girl and was chatty and outgoing. We travelled to the US to have our procedure done and were so impressed by the results! We now have the most beautiful 4-month-old baby girl. We couldn't be happier and she is the light of our lives. We've even had people say she's the perfect combination of my husband and me! There are some embryos left and we hope to give her a little brother or a sister over the next few years."
— Melissa