Benefits to Your Practice

Differentiate your practice from competitors who still rely on fresh donation or limited in-house frozen egg banks. By becoming a MyEggBank affiliate, your clinic and your patients have access to every avenue for success.

Share in Our Proven Success

Over 4,400 babies (and counting) have been born from MyEggBank eggs and we have success rates equal to or better than fresh egg donation. We offer training in our cryopreservation protocols to all of our affiliate centers. As a result, we can stand behind our work--and yours--by providing multiple guarantee options to your patients, depending on the training you opt to receive.

High-Quality Care For Less

MyEggBank allows you to provide higher quality care at a more affordable price point. Conceiving with MyEggBank frozen donor eggs typically costs patients 50% as much as conceiving through fresh donation. A lower financial hurdle allows more patients to undergo treatment and start that treatment sooner.

Treat More Patients in Less Time

Reduce time before treatment from 6 to 9 months with fresh donation to 1 to 3 months with MyEggBank frozen donor eggs. Unlike with fresh donation, there is no wait for a donor match or for cycle synchronization. Once your patient selects a MyEggBank donor, we ship the eggs or embryos to your clinic and you can begin treatment immediately.

Help Patients Find That Perfect Donor

The most difficult part of a recipient’s process is often finding the right donor. Eliminate that struggle by providing your patients with access to the largest selection of frozen donor eggs in North America. MyEggBank donors are diverse and well-educated, giving your patients the best and brightest to choose from.

You Can Trust the Bank

Many egg banks or agencies will feature profiles for donors that have not yet donated—and may not pass screening. Avoid that frustrating bait-and-switch with MyEggBank. Every donor listed in our online database has passed screening and donated eggs that are frozen and ready to be shipped to your center.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We ensure the quality of our donors and the vitrification of their eggs by centralizing egg donation in several nationally recognized centers. Our centers have developed a rigorous donor screening process with extensive medical, genetic and psychological assessments. So you can be confident that your patient will have a healthy baby with a MyEggBank egg.

Affiliate Clinic Testimonials

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"MyEggBank’s large selection of pre-screened egg donors is wonderful for our patients—it’s really increased their choices. Since the eggs come to our clinic, patients aren’t limited to choosing a donor from the same geographic area."
— Vicki Loveland, Long Island IVF
"We have the highest regard for the team at MyEggBank, who are continuing the daily pursuit of excellence. They have been generous in sharing their technical expertise with us, and also share our clinical sensibilities and our focus on perfection."
— John Garrisi, Ph.D., The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas

To start the process or learn more about becoming a MyEggBank affiliate, contact us here or call 1.866.537.8642.