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RMA Long Island IVF

Egg Bank Affiliate in Melville, NY

Established in 1988, RMA Long Island IVF has achieved some of the most notable IVF successes in New York. We are responsible for:

The first IVF birth on Long Island
The first birth from a cryopreserved embryo on Long Island
The first birth from a donor egg on Long Island
RMA Long Island IVF's unique approach to infertility care is firmly rooted in creating an individualized experience for each patient. Our physicians have the highest possible qualifications and national certifications and will provide you with a personalized treatment plan using the safest and most effective technologies available. Our success rates consistently surpass national averages.

But what really sets us apart from other programs? Our compassionate staff is devoted to holding your hand through every step of the process. We offer emotional support and stress reduction through our proprietary, on-site Mind Body program and our financial counseling team is devoted to working with you to help select from many affordable payment options.

We are extremely proud of our commitment to patient comfort, safety and success. Visit us at one of our six convenient locations or request a free consultation and take the first step towards growing your family.

Finding a Trusted Egg Bank in 2023

MyEggBank® affiliates are among the most prominent and trusted IVF clinics in North America. To use MyEggBank donor eggs, you need to be treated at a fertility clinic that is part of our network of affiliates. With our rigorous screening practices, phenomenal doctors, and compassionate care for every family, we work to give you the best chance at success.

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M-F: 6:30-4:00 pm

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