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Turn to IVF Plano for Answers When problems getting pregnant prove too great to bear alone, turn to our fertility center, IVF Plano, for the total care you’ll need to conceive.

Highly trained fertility specialist, Dr. James Douglas, believes in simplifying infertility care, often recommending the least invasive, most natural path to conception.

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Should you require fertility surgery or highly successful IVF, in vitro fertilization treatment, Dr. Douglas and the IVF Plano team will skillfully guide you through the process, prioritizing your comfort, and taking great care to shed light on the complexities of infertility treatment.

For more than two decades, Dr. Douglas has compassionately guided men and women through the rigors of fertility treatment. Advances such as egg freezing, genetic testing and ICSI to treat sperm disorders have transformed how we treat infertility, but the way in which Dr. Douglas treats each individual remains the same. Nothing matters more to us at IVF Plano than your successful outcome, and forging a respectful and supportive doctor-patient relationship.

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Trying to conceive on your own when underlying problems exist will inevitably lead to frustration and stress. Your positive pregnancy test may result from simple lifestyle changes or timed intercourse. Dr. Douglas will always recommend the most straightforward path to pregnancy, and help you decide which fertility treatments you wish to pursue. There is no cookie-cutter plan at IVF Plano; each couple or individual gives us a new opportunity to redefine what a successful fertility treatment cycle looks like.

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MyEggBank® affiliates are among the most prominent and trusted IVF clinics in North America. To use MyEggBank donor eggs, you need to be treated at a fertility clinic that is part of our network of affiliates. With our rigorous screening practices, phenomenal doctors, and compassionate care for every family, we work to give you the best chance at success.

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