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A New Option for Our Patients The Fresh Egg Donor Program at MyEggBank Learn more
A New Option for Our Patients
The Fresh Egg Donor Program at MyEggBank

Benefits of Donating Eggs

Thank you for considering egg donation. It is a wonderful gift to give to someone who wants to build their family. It can provide you with many benefits as well.

You can help people become parents who otherwise couldn’t

Many women who desperately want a family cannot conceive a child with their own eggs because of a variety of fertility problems. These infertility issues can be the result of cancer, age, hormonal imbalances, poor egg quality, being a carrier of a serious genetic disease, or unknown causes. A woman with one or more of these fertility problems is usually perfectly able to successfully carry a child in her uterus, give birth to a healthy baby, and be a wonderful mother. By donating your eggs for her to create an embryo with her partner’s (or a donor’s) sperm, you are giving her the opportunity to experience motherhood and bring a healthy child into the world!

Of course, same-sex male couples will always need donor eggs to conceive and you could be the key to their dream of parenthood.

Generous Compensation

You receive significant compensation for your time and effort. Compensation varies based on your nearest donation center’s program and the number of donation cycles you go through, but is at least several thousand dollars and can be much more for donors who complete multiple cycles. If you pass screening and your first cycle is successful, you could be approved to do up to 6 donation cycles based on the judgment of the center’s supervising clinician. On top of this, you can receive up to $500 for referring a friend who successfully donates her eggs.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation from Top Clinicians

As part of the donor screening process, you will receive a full physical exam, testing to determine your reproductive health, and genetic screening to see if you are a carrier for any inheritable conditions. This information could give you valuable insight into your health and how you should approach planning for a family of your own.

Quick and Flexible

You can complete your frozen or fresh egg donation cycle in just a couple of months. With MyEggBank, once you are screened as a donor, you can immediately start your donor cycle, complete it within 2 months and receive your compensation.

With our fresh program, you would not need to coordinate your donation cycle, or appointments, around the recipient’s schedule. With MyEggBank, we will work hard to accommodate your schedule!

Free Egg Freezing for Your Own Family

Some donation centers also offer to freeze your eggs for your own use once you have successfully completed 3 egg donation cycles. This service normally costs women up to $10,000. By having your healthy eggs frozen and stored for your future use, you can be confident in your ability to have children of your own later without worrying about the “ticking biological clock.”

Why donate with MyEggBank vs. another donor program?

There are considerable advantages to donating to MyEggBank, as opposed to traditional donor egg programs:

  • If you are accepted as a MyEggBank donor, you can start the process right away. We want you to have the flexibility you need throughout this journey.
  • Once your cycle is completed, your donor compensation will be quickly processed.
  • The egg donation cycle is planned around your needs with no recipient cycle coordination required.
  • At some MyEggBank donation centers, you are also eligible to freeze some of your eggs for your own future use once you have completed 3 donation cycles.
  • MyEggBank donors are eligible for a Referral Fee if they recommend another donor who successfully completes a donor cycle. Check with your local center for details.

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