Egg Freezing Benefit

Egg freezing is provided free of cost to qualified MyEggBank donors

At MyEggBank we hold a core belief: Donors who generously help to create a future for others should benefit from the very same medical technology to create a future of their own.

That’s why MyEggBank donors are given the opportunity to take advantage of a free egg freezing benefit. Egg freezing allows you to preserve your fertility at a time in your life when the quality and quantity of your eggs is high, so you can focus on your education or career and preserve your eggs for when you are ready to have a child.

Whether you were considering egg freezing or not, the MyEggBank egg freezing benefit provides a unique way for donors who could not otherwise afford egg freezing to freeze their eggs for free.

Free Egg Freezing Benefit Details

Women who complete three donor egg cycles with MyEggBank are eligible for the egg freezing benefit. This includes vitrification (freezing) and may include storage, depending on your clinic. Please note that the availability of this benefit can vary based upon your location. If you would like more information about the free egg freezing benefit, contact MyEggBank.

Why freeze your eggs?

Fertility is a precious resource - one that decreases with age. Women are most fertile from age 18 to 29. Over age 30, fertility progressively declines, and this decline accelerates in the late 30s and early 40s. As an egg donor in your 20’s, there is no better time than now to bank your eggs.

With egg freezing, you choose the right time to have a family. Egg freezing affords you more time to develop a personal relationship, pursue higher education or develop your career. The more options you have, the less you need to worry.

World Class Egg Freezing Technology

Our proprietary oocyte cryopreservation technique was developed at Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA), the Founding Partner of MyEggBank (MEB), in 2005. The technique has been refined over time and is both different and superior to other methods, providing donors and patients with the best chance for positive outcomes. Since the introduction of this technology in the clinical routine at RBA and MEB, there are over 6,000 children born (significantly more than in any other U.S.-based IVF center or Egg Bank) to date.

Egg Freezing Benefit FAQs

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How much does it cost to freeze my eggs?

If you pay for egg freezing out of pocket, the typical cost is approximately $10,000. This typically includes medications, monitoring with your fertility clinic, oocyte retrieval and vitrification (freezing). There are also storage fees that are in a range of $500 per year. Women who donate with MyEggBank do not need to be concerned with affording egg freezing, since they receive a free egg freezing benefit with their third donor cycle.

Is egg storage included in the egg freezing benefit?

Storage may be included or be provided at a fee, depending on your local clinic. Contact MyEggBank to learn more.

What is the best age to freeze your eggs?

Women are most fertile from 18-29. Past age 30, fertility potential declines progressively, and this decline becomes more pronounced in the late 30s and early 40s. As an egg donor in your 20’s, there is no better time to freeze your eggs!

Are there any other ways to freeze my eggs for free?

The MyEggBank egg freezing benefit is a truly unique way to freeze your eggs for free. In recent news, several companies have begun to offer egg freezing benefits as part of their employee / benefit compensation packages. Outside of these options, egg freezing is not covered by insurance and typically costs around $10,000.

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