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A New Option for Our Patients The Fresh Egg Donor Program at MyEggBank Learn more
A New Option for Our Patients
The Fresh Egg Donor Program at MyEggBank

How to Donate Eggs

Become an Egg Donor with MyEggBank

MyEggBank partners with several of the most experienced and high-quality donor programs around the country. Our top priority is to deliver excellent clinical care to donors to ensure your health and safety. We have also refined our donation process to prioritize your convenience. With MyEggBank, you can complete an egg donation cycle in as little as 2 months and earn significant compensation. Here’s how to become an egg donor with MyEggBank.

Egg Donor Application

Apply to Become an Egg Donor with MyEggBank

Our application and screening process is divided into 3 steps that can take as little as 6 weeks for you to complete and is designed to ensure we attract committed, healthy women to become egg donors.

1. Short Application

To start the process of becoming a donor with MyEggBank, you first fill out a short registration form with basic information. All of our donors must meet certain basic criteria to be considered:

  • Age of between 21 and 31 years old
  • Weight and height within a healthy range
  • Some education beyond the high school level
  • A commitment to the appointments and testing required to become a donor

Upon submission of this short application, you will promptly receive an email to indicate if you are selected to continue in the application process.

2. Long Application

If you are approved to continue, you will be asked to fill out a longer application form with your medical history, your family history, personal essays and childhood photos. We understand some of these questions may be difficult to answer, but this form is crucial to helping us get to know you better.

Once you submit this application, you will receive a call or email from a member of the donor program team to let you know if you are approved to continue. A coordinator may also contact you to ask clarifying questions and help you complete the application.

Egg Donor Screening

3. Clinical Screening Visit(s)

If you are approved to continue, the donor team will schedule an appointment for you to come in to the center for a medical and genetic screening. First, you will meet with a member of the donor team to confirm that you understand the donation process and are committed to completing it. Then, a nurse will take your blood to screen for infectious diseases, drug usage, and hormone levels. You will meet with a genetic counselor to walk through your family history. And, finally, a doctor, or other clinician, will conduct a general physical, including a vaginal ultrasound, to assess your overall physical and reproductive health.

You may meet with a psychological counselor at this appointment, or be scheduled for a follow-up visit, depending on your center. This meeting is to gauge your understanding of the donor commitment and overall psychological stability.

You will find out within 2 weeks whether you have been selected to become a donor following the results of these tests. Unfortunately, the majority of applicants are not invited to continue on to become donors. In many cases, this is for the health and safety of the applicant and also to comply with requirements for donors set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American College of Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).

Egg Donor Benefits

You can still receive a free, full medical report with the results of our testing to inform your own medical care and help you with future family planning. You are also eligible to receive a referral bonus if you refer a friend to the program who successfully completes a donation cycle. Learn More.

Egg Donor Privacy

MyEggBank’s donation process is identity restricted, meaning your identity will not be shared with the recipient of your eggs. MyEggBank donation centers do offer donors the option to have their identity disclosed to a child. Learn More.

Basic Criteria

Age between 21 and 31 years old; criteria for healthy height and weight; education beyond the high school level; commitment to the process.

Egg Donor Compensation

Varies based on the location and policies of your donor program. Contact your local center for details on the cash compensation, referral bonuses, and fertility preservation benefits offered.


On average, 3 to 4 months, but can be as little as 2 months.

Start your Donor Application!

"I loved the idea of being able to make a couple’s hopes and dreams of having a baby come true."
"I have a close friend who went through a very long fertility battle.I knew that there were so many people out there like her who want nothing more than to be parents."
"The compensation was a big motivator and has helped me in the process of paying for school. It has been really rewarding knowing that I have possibly helped a couple start a family who couldn’t do it on their own."
"I have children of my own and they are the most amazing aspect of my life.The thought of not being able to have children hurts my heart."