Benefits for Intended Parents

Compared to traditional fresh donation, using MyEggBank vitrified donor eggs is more convenient, clinically efficient, and less expensive-with equal or greater success rates.

Largest and Most Diverse Selection of Donors

We know that finding the right donor is often the most difficult part of conceiving with donor eggs. We aim to eliminate that struggle by providing you with access to the largest selection of frozen donor eggs in North America. Our donors are racially and ethnically diverse and well-educated, giving you the best and brightest to choose from.

Real Donors, Ready Now

Many egg banks or agencies will feature profiles for donors that have not yet donated — and may not pass screening. Avoid that frustrating bait–and–switch with MyEggBank. Every donor listed in our online database has passed screening and donated eggs that are frozen and ready to be shipped to your center.

Rigorous Donor Screening

We have a rigorous screening process for selecting only the highest quality donors which we have honed over a decade. In addition to meeting all FDA standards, our donors must pass extensive medical, genetic and psychological assessments. We maintain quality–control by centralizing egg donation in several nationally recognized centers.

Fast and Convenient Process

By using MyEggBank's frozen donor eggs, you get on the fast track to becoming a parent. When you register with MyEggBank through your IVF center, you receive access to our convenient online database with full profiles of all of our donors. Once you select a donor, we ship the eggs or embryos to your clinic and you can begin treatment immediately.

When using a fresh donor, it may take 6 to 9 months to find your donor and match her cycle to yours. As you wait for that synchronization, there is no guarantee that your donor will not change her mind or have an unexpected health problem. With MyEggBank's database of hundreds of donors—with their eggs already frozen and ready for you—you can be pregnant within as little as 1 to 3 months!


We know that for many, the journey to conceive can be long and expensive. We started MyEggBank with that in mind and are proud that conceiving with MyEggBank frozen donor eggs typically costs a patient 50% as much as conceiving through fresh egg donation. Our pricing is transparent and we also offer financing through a strategic partner.

Industry–Leading Guarantees

We stand behind our work—and you. Over 4,400 healthy babies have been born form MyEggBank donor eggs and we have proven success rates equal to or better than fresh egg donation. You can choose from several guarantee options, depending on your clinic's status in our network and what works for you.

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