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Success Rates

Cumulative expectation of pregnancy per patient for partner centers 80-85%

Using donor eggs isn’t always an easy decision. For some, it can come after previously failed cycles and heartbreak. You will see below that our pregnancy rates are above the national average and below the average cost of one donor cycle.

2,500+ cycles
pregnancy rate*
1,300+ ongoing
or delivered**


Source: RBA/MyEggBank data on file
*Ongoing or delivered pregnancies in partner centers
**Including twins

Comparing success rates of fresh donated eggs and MyEggBank frozen donor eggs

With Fresh Egg Donation:
53-57% per transfer*
1- 3 months Avg. treatment time with MyEggBank
$26-44,000 Avg. donor cycle cost
With Frozen Egg Donation:
35-45% per transfer**
1-3 months Avg. treatment time with MyEggBank
$17-20,000 Avg. donor cycle cost

*The national average for fresh egg donation has not varied in over 15 years and is between 53 and 57% per transfer.
**Pregnancy rates per transfer nation-wide are typically between 35-45%. Vitrification is a user dependent technology and who does the freezing and warming will influence outcome. Within the MyEggBank network of practices, we have established basic training with our founding lab team and regularly review outcomes throughout the network. The MyEggBank family of practices typically reports pregnancy rates between 45 and 50% per transfer, as much as 10% higher per transfer than the national average.