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MyEggBank offers industry-leading care from the premier network of donor egg banks. With our rigorous screening practices, phenomenal doctors, and compassionate care for every family, we work to give you the best chance at success.

Success Stories

  • “My husband and I tried for four years to conceive, unsuccessfully. I was devastated. We talked to our RE about our options and he suggested egg donation. After much talking, thinking, and praying, we decided that the most important thing was to have a baby, no matter how we made it happen. We were blessed that our first transfer and pregnancy were successful. Our beautiful baby girl was born healthy and perfect in every way. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that she is 100% my baby and the one that was always meant for me!”
  • “When we first began the donor process, we were filled with so many emotions and quite overwhelmed. MyEggBank made the process of picking a donor so easy. We [selected a donor] in less than 24 hours. We just knew she was the one from the minute we saw her and read her profile. In a process of so many unknowns, using MyEggBank from the beginning felt just right. With the help from them and our angel of a donor, we now have our beautiful miracle!”
  • “I have children of my own and they are the most amazing aspect of my life. The thought of not being able to have children hurts my heart.”
    Anonymous Donor

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