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Is a Frozen Donor Egg Pregnancy Different?

by MyEggBankPosted in Learn About Egg DonationJuly 30th, 2018

Those using a frozen egg donor to build their families will have questions about donor egg pregnancy. How does it differ? What do I need to know? MyEggBank is here to help.

In working with a frozen egg bank, intended parents are aware of what is needed in the time leading up to the medical portion of using donor eggs, but what happens once the pregnancy test is positive? So much time, energy, and expense is put into achieving a pregnancy that it’s perfectly understandable to fall a bit short in foreseeing life after fertility treatment.

A frozen egg donor pregnancy

Medically speaking, although the method used to become pregnant was dependent on assisted reproductive technology (ART), once you are pregnant, your experiences as a pregnant woman will largely reflect what is expected for any other pregnancy. The only difference may be that your pregnancy can be considered high risk as a result of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, and you may require additional monitoring by your obstetrician.

For example, additional ultrasounds to screen for baby’s growth and development in the months leading up to delivery may be advised. This is typically done out of an abundance of caution, though many couples find comfort in the extra care these check-ins provide.

Will the pregnancy “feel” different?

An important concern for women using donor eggs to become pregnant is whether they will feel differently than they would had the eggs been their own. The reason why the concern is important isn’t because women report actually feeling differently, it’s that these preemptive thoughts shouldn’t be undervalued. Undergoing fertility treatment and using third-party reproduction is a very emotional process. Your feelings absolutely matter, and concerns about how you will feel are valid.

Fortunately, most women who have used donated eggs to have children do not report any issues bonding with their baby while pregnant and after delivery. In fact, many speak of the strong bond they feel with their child simply because of how badly their baby was wanted. The journey to parenthood can take many different forms, but your baby is your baby. Additionally, many growing families take comfort in speaking to or hearing from others who have undergone the same experience.

If you have questions about using a frozen donor egg bank or using an egg donor to build your family, please contact the team at MyEggBank today.