How it Works

For many, trying to conceive can be a long journey with unexpected roadblocks and financial strain. Our goal at MyEggBank is to smooth your path to having a healthy baby. Through our pioneering vitrification process, we have enabled a more convenient and lower–cost way for you to use donor eggs to build your family.

Using Frozen Donor Eggs

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Compared to using traditional "fresh" egg donation, the process of conceiving with frozen donor eggs is faster, more reliable, more flexible, less expensive and produces equal success rates. Why?

Donor Selection and Egg Retrieval

Frozen donor eggs

  • With MyEggBank, you control the donor selection process
  • Donors have already been screened, their eggs have been retrieved, reviewed for their quality and vitrified (or frozen)
  • Because donors do not need to coordinate their schedules with yours, MyEggBank can attract more quality donors for you to choose from--hundreds, in fact
  • You get online access to profiles of pre-screened donors, with personal essays, medical history and genetic reports, that you can look through and select from in the comfort of your home.

Traditional “fresh” donation

  • To find a “fresh” egg donor, your center presents you with a short list that they deem to “fit” what you’re looking for
  • Following the selection, the donor is screened for infectious diseases, reproductive health and genetic history. There is no guarantee your chosen donor will pass these tests
  • Your donor will then need to undergo the stimulation and egg retrieval process, with no guarantee as to how many eggs will be retrieved or their quality

Conception Process

Frozen donor eggs

  • The embryo creation and transfer to your uterus is completely planned around your schedule.
  • As soon as you select your frozen donor eggs, we ship them to you and the implantation process can begin!

Traditional “fresh” donation

  • You need to synchronize your menstrual cycle with your donor’s. This may take several months
  • You will also need to coordinate with your donor to schedule the egg retrieval from her, embryo creation, and transfer to your uterus

The Wait to Conceive

Frozen donor eggs

1-3 months

With MyEggBank frozen donor eggs, you can be pregnant within 1 - 3 months of selecting your donor

Traditional “fresh” donation

6-9 months

This process of matching, screening and synchronizing your cycle with your donor’s can mean it takes before you can conceive with a”fresh” donor.

Success Rates

Frozen donor eggs

52% success

52% resulted in clinical pregnancies based on data for Single Embryo Transfer (SET) frozen donor egg cycles at Reproductive Biology Associates, Atlanta, in 2009 to 2010. These success rates have been maintained throughout the years.

Traditional “fresh” donation

53.5% success

53.5% resulted in live births based on national SART data for fresh donor egg cycles in 2014

Conceiving with MyEggBank

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If you know you would like to use an egg donor and want to view our full donor profiles, below is a step–by–step guide to conceiving with MyEggBank. Until you complete your registration below, you can browse previews of our donors here.


Step 1: Find a MyEggBank Affiliate Center

Our patients select and receive donor eggs or embryos from our centralized MyEggBank database, but all medical treatment is done at your IVF center. To use MyEggBank donor eggs, you need to be treated at a center that is part of our over 100 affiliate IVF centers located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Why? Because we know that you and the precious eggs that will become your child, are in good hands at these centers. The embryologists at these centers have been trained by MyEggBank in cryopreservation protocols that we have found to result in the greatest likelihood of success for patients.

View our list of affiliated centers here and begin the process of enrolling as a patient. If you are already a patient of an affiliated center, skip to step 2!


Step 2: Create a MyEggBank Account

Go here to create an account and select the center you intend to enroll at or where you are already an established patient.


Step 3: Complete Your MyEggBank Registration Through Your Center

When you are enrolled as an active patient of an affiliate center, your center will provide MyEggBank with the necessary information to complete your registration as a MyEggBank user. This Information includes:

  • Patient contact information
  • Uterine evaluation
  • Male partner (or sperm donor) semen analysis and carrier screening

Once your center supplies this initial information to MyEggBank, MyEggBank will approve you as a registered user.


Step 4: Find Your Donor!

You can now begin your journey to find your donor from the comfort of your own home! As a registered user, you can view full donor profiles, including pictures and complete medical, genetic and psychological reports. What is published on the web site is the full extent of non–identifying information that we have available. There are no hidden pieces of information.


Step 5: Select & Receive Your MyEggBank Donor Eggs

Once you have selected a donor, you should consider which package or guarantee you would like to purchase. Depending on the status of your affiliate center, you will have access to a variety of MyEggBank's guarantee programs.

You submit consents and payment for your donor selection through our website. Once payment is received, we confirm your purchase and immediately ship the frozen eggs, or embryos, to your treatment center. MyEggBank guarantees the safe arrival of the eggs and/or embryos to your center.

Your center will perform the thaw of the eggs, fertilization with your chosen sperm, and transfer of the embryo to your uterus. Within 2 weeks of implantation, you will take a pregnancy test to see if the transfer was successful.

If at any time you have questions on this process, you can contact us here or call 1.866.537.8642.