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How Much Will I Know About My Egg Donor?

by MyEggBankPosted in Finding a DonorOctober 31st, 2018

Whether you’re ready to choose an egg donor or you have already selected one, it’s important as intended parents to have all the information available so you can make an informed decision. Knowing key details will instill confidence that your decision to select a donor is the right choice for your growing family.

Egg donor agencies and egg banks offer differing levels of information within donor profiles. Generally speaking, intended parents will have access to a donor’s medical history, race, education, photos, and personality profile. Out of respect for the donor’s privacy, intended parents do not typically have access to information that could identify a donor, such as her full name or address.

Choosing an egg donor with MyEggBank
When choosing a donor with MyEggBank, intended parents have access to comprehensive medical reports, including genetic and psychological screenings performed prior to every donor’s acceptance into our program. Intended parents can also learn personal details that donors provide via a personal essay that normally explains why they decided to become an egg donor or gives other information about their personal life that they choose to share as part of their profile. Childhood photos are also usually included so intended parents can get a sense of what physical characteristics their future offspring may share with the donor.

The egg donor selection process
In short, intended parents will have the essential information needed to ensure that their donor of choice is the best fit for their family planning goals and that they can move forward with the donation process with confidence. From our experience as the number one frozen donor egg bank in North America, we know that intended parents are searching for specific personal details to narrow down their choice across all available donors. The information provided in MyEggBank donor profiles allows intended parents to move through the selection process with ease.

We’ve outlined additional details below to help explain the information present in egg donor profiles as well as what identifying information is potentially available to your future offspring.

What will I know about my egg donor?

At MyEggBank, you are guaranteed that our donors:

What information will I be able to share with my child?

As a parent, you’ll likely want to be able to discuss your child’s genetic inheritance with his or her doctor and with the child too, when the time is right. Some of our egg donors opt to have their identity disclosed, along with a robust medical profile.

At MyEggBank, we make every effort to ensure confidentiality for our egg donors who want it and to provide a complete egg donor profile to intended parents. If your egg donor’s identity is undisclosed at the time of conception, your child can request the donor’s identity from MyEggBank when he or she is ready to find out more about his or her biological parentage. Our team would contact the donor directly and ask her permission to release her identity to the child or children.

The important genetic information about an egg donor, however, will always be available to intended parents. Because you’ll know a lot about her - from her height to her educational history and more - you can choose which details to disclose to your child and when to do so.

If you are ready to begin your search for an egg donor or if you have questions about information provided to intended parents, please contact MyEggBank today.