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Should I Donate My Eggs for Money?

by MyEggBankPosted in Becoming a DonorDecember 31st, 2018

There are a number of reasons why young women choose to donate their eggs, one of which is for egg donor pay. Of course, everyone should decide for themselves whether egg donation is the right choice. MyEggBank recommends that women who donate eggs for money or financial reasons consider other benefits to egg donation before getting started.

Have you ever wondered: Should I donate my eggs?
Young women have the opportunity to determine if the egg donation process is a good fit for their lives and personal life-planning goals. Egg donation provides a considerable element of financial support that may not otherwise be available, and helps build families for couples and individuals who might not be able to have a child. It can be an extraordinary experience to help those who experience female factor infertility or LGBTQ couples who require the help of an egg donor to have a child.

How much do egg donors make?
Typically, an egg donor can make between $5,000 to $50,000 in compensation, depending on total number of completed cycles and the donation program you are accepted into. With MyEggBank, after your initial donation cycle you will get incremental increases in compensation, with a maximum of 6 total donation cycles.

Egg donors can also make up to $500 for referring a friend to the MyEggBank donor program. If you are interested in specific information about financial compensation for a donation cycle, please contact your egg donor program directly.

Are there any other reasons to become an egg donor?
In addition to helping build a family for those who otherwise would not be able to do so and receiving generous compensation, egg donors will note that there are other benefits to the process. Donors will receive a comprehensive set of medical screenings from top clinicians, gaining valuable insight on their current state of health as well as information needed for their own future family planning goals (down the road). Also, generally speaking, donation cycles are fairly quick and flexible for donor’s schedules -- many are completed within just two months. This means that any changes to your work or school schedule within the cycle should be minimal and short-term.

Another core benefit, and one specifically offered via MyEggBank, is that “eligible” donors who complete three donation cycles are offered free egg freezing services through “our donor programs. Egg freezing can cost around $10,000 normally, but “eligible” donors with MyEggBank have the opportunity to take advantage of the service free of charge. This means that you can preserve your fertility at a time in your life when the quality and quantity of your eggs is high, so you can focus on your education or career until you’re ready to have a child.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with MyEggBank, please visit our donor registration page to begin an application. If you have additional questions about egg donor, please contact our staff by calling 866.537.8642 or visit our egg donation FAQ page where you can learn about the process, screening, donor anonymity, and more.